A disruptive, frightening, yet inspiring time…

Director’s bio:

Zack Winestine has written and directed two previous feature films, States of Control (Pathfinder Pictures) and Caravan/Prague (Cinema Libre), along with several shorts including On Some Consequences of a Passage by Guy Debord and the historically significant documentary Building the Word Trade Center.

He also worked for many years as a Director of Photography. His credits include independent features, music videos (for groups such as the B-52’s, ZZ Top, and Public Enemy), and documentaries. A formative early experience was his work in England as assistant to the Director of Photography on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

A long-time community activist, he is intimately familiar with New York City’s Far West Village, the neighborhood in which Strange Days Diary NYC takes place.



States of Control

Quebec: At the Wall

On Some Consequences of a Passage by Guy Debord

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